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FENGA is designed to support engineering journeys. This is achieved through student FENGA chapters

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  2022-2023 School Year Goals

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  2023-2024 School Year Goals

FENGA is a not-for-profit organization focused on the Technology and Engineering (T and E) of STEM.

Student Leaders

There are no requirements to become a chapter leader or member. Most student leaders will have not started a new club at their school before! You can do this--we will show you how!

Why become a student leader?

Develop skills

Add all of the above to your college applications!

Faculty Advisor

A faculty advisor is required for an FENGA student chapter. The advisor supports students on their engineering journey and helps facilitate meetings. The students run the meetings themselves, using content provided by FENGA.

If you are a faculty member, we have information available for:

Go here for details.

Start a Chapter of your own


A Leadership Pack with Hints and suggestions on::

Chapter Membership Pack includes:


FENGA can help your child prepare for a career in Technology and Engineering. Benefits of FENGA membership and engagement include: Go here for details.

Corporate sponsors

Partnering with a student FENGA chapter supports the community, advances your brand, and can connect you to future engineers.

If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor, please contact us before contacting your local chapter.

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