Daniel Zwillinger's Publications and Presentations


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Refereed Articles

  1. D. Zwillinger, "As Easy as 1, 3, 9?," Six Sigma Forum Magazine," Vol 12, #4, Aug 2013, pps 23-26, http://asq.org/qic/display-item/index.html?item=36181
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  7. D. Zwillinger, "A Goldbach Conjecture Using Twin Primes," Mathematics Of Computation, 33, No. 147, July 1979, page 1071.

Other Publications

  1. D. Zwillinger, "Voting Power of Teams Working Together," 12 Dec 2013, http://arxiv.org/abs/1312.3394
  2. Brookner, Porter, Chang, Chang, Zwillinger, Considine, and Sikina, "Demonstration of accurate prediction of PAVE PAWS embedded element gain," 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology, pp 417-422, 12-15 Oct 2010
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  4. D. Zwillinger, "Judge's Commentary: The Outstanding Flood Planning Papers ," The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications, Fall 2005, Vol. 26, No. 3, pages 279-281.
  5. D. Zwillinger, "Judge's Commentary: The Outstanding Grade Inflation Papers ," The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications, Fall 1998, Vol. 19, No. 3, pages 323-327. [content here]
  6. D. Zwillinger, "Judge's Commentary: The Outstanding Helix Intersections Papers," The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications, Fall 1995, Vol. 16, No. 3, pages 251-253. [content here]
  7. M. T. Strauss and D. Zwillinger, "Luggage Simulation," CADalyst, October 1995, page 29.
  8. D. Zwillinger, "Visualization of Circuit Card EM Fields," US Government report, AD-A347-002, March 1998.
  9. D. Zwillinger, "Visualization of Circuit Card Electromagnetic Fields," US Government report, AD-A291 491, January 1995.
  10. M. Strauss and D. Zwillinger, "A Luggage Simulation Tool," Final Report for Department of Transportation contract DTRS-57-93-C-00113, March 1994.
  11. D. Zwillinger and M. J. Sousa, "Analytical Determination of the Matrix Pseudo-Inverse," Macsyma Newsletter, VII, No. 3, July 1990, pages 1-8.
  12. S. P. Marsh, M. E. Glicksman and D. I. Zwillinger, "Statistical Mechanics of Mushy Zones," Modeling and Control of Casting and Welding Processes IV, A. F. Giamei and G. J. Abbaschian (eds.), The Metallurgical Society, Warrendale, P.A., 1988, pages 921-928.
  13. D. Zwillinger, "Completing The L-th Power in Z[x]," SIGSAM Journal of The ACM, 18, No. 3, issue 71, pages 20-22, August 1984.


Professional Activities/Conference Presentations

  1. Featured in the Business Section of the Boston Globe on 14 February 2000
    (weekly section highlighting individuals in high tech): see copy of newspaper clipping here, or visit Boston Globe source here.
  2. Visiting SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) lecturer. Lectured to undergraduates on applied mathematics. (1992-1999)
  3. Judge for the yearly Mathematical Competition in Modeling, Harvey Mudd College (sponsored by COMAP of Lexington, MA). (1992-2013)
  4. S. P. Marsh, C. S. Pande, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC; M. E. Glicksman, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; D. I. Zwillinger, Aztec Corporation, Waltham, MA, Environmental noise effects in statistical coarsening theory, in Computational and Mathematical Models of Microstructural Evolution", Materials Research Society meeting, 14-16 April 1998
  5. D. Zwillinger, "Computer Verification of Integral Tables," 1993 SIAM National Meeting, Philadelphia. (12 July 1993)
  6. S. P. Marsh, D. Zwillinger and M. E. Glicksman, "A General Geometric Model of Coarsening: Mathematical Development--I," invited paper, 1988 SIAM National Meeting.
  7. D. Zwillinger, M. E. Glicksman and S. P. Marsh, "A General Geometric Model of Coarsening: Mathematical Development--II," invited paper, 1988 SIAM National Meeting.
  8. Chairperson for "Classical Analysis" session at the 1987 SIAM National Meeting
  9. D. Zwillinger, S. P. Marsh and M. E. Glicksman, "Statistical Mechanics of Mesoscale Behavior," contributed paper, 1987 SIAM National Meeting.

Courses Taught

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